We make explanimations and infographics!

What are explanimations and infographics?

Explanimations are explainer videos. Your story is being told by combining text, image and sound. Explanimations are used to explain and promote products, processes, businesses or services. Think of it as a moving business card.

An infographic is an informative illustration: an image that depicts and explains complex information. Infographics combine text and illustrations and show a graphical representation of information in the form of graphs, diagrams or iconic illustrations.

“We make complex information accessible for all. A great addition to your website, intranet, social media or a helpful tool during class or for business presentations.”

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    Sky is the limit

    We enjoy creating animations and infographics that we’re proud of. We listen carefully to your wishes and combine them with our experience. Together we create a unique customized animation.

    Tight deadline?

    No problem! We work with a small and efficient team of passionate and talented people. We are constantly in contact with each other and can therefore work quickly and deliver according to your needs.


    Thanks to years of experience, arrangements with our local partners and clear schedules, we are able to offer you a fixed price. Get in touch and we will tell you more about the possibilities.


    We have studios both in Groningen and Amsterdam. We usually set up a meeting with our clients to discuss the project. If you prefer to meet in your own neighborhood, we are happy to plan a visit.

    Any ideas for you animation or do you need our advice?