What is an explanimation?

Explanimations are explainer videos. Complex information is communicated efficiently by combining text, image and sound. Explanimations are used to promote products, processes, businesses or services.

What are the costs to produce an animation?

The costs of making an animation are dependent on the message, the required length of the animation, the desired illustration and animation style and the use of audio.

Duration: The amount of information and complexity of your story affect the required length of the animation. The platform and the target group play a major role in determining the optimal duration of your animation.

Illustration and animation style: Do you prefer a tight, minimalistic style or do you have an extensive craft animation in mind?

Audio: Would you like to use a voice-over, background music, sound design or perhaps embed all three?

Explanimates provides the right specialists to complete your explanimation. We co-operate with a number of permanent partners who we fully trust and with which we have made clear price agreements. This way we can produce quickly and keep prices low.

We throughly investigate what is needed to visualize your story in the best way possible. Intakes are free of charge. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and the corresponding prices. As soon as you have explained your wishes to us, we can make a fitting offer.

What is the production time of an explanimation?

The delivery time of an explanimation varies enormously, but is particularly dependent on how quickly we can work together. The faster you provide us with feedback, the sooner we can move on. In addition, the planning depends on our other ongoing projects and the complexity of the animation.

Normally, we can deliver an explanimation of 60 seconds within two weeks. Although some productions sometimes take up to two months. Often the bigger your team is, the longer it takes to process feedback. Our advice is: keep your team small. In practice, this works most effectively and pleasantly for both parties.

How do the Explanimates work?

First, we make an appointment to clarify your needs, goals, target group(s) and the available budget. With this in mind, we propose a concept with a fitting quote. Once we have an agreement, we will write a script together. After agreeing on the script, we create a storyboard. In this ‘comic’ we capture the image sequence, so you’ll get an idea on how your explanimation will come outAfter agreeing on the storyboard, all images on the storyboard are drawn in detail and subsequently digitally animated. The first version of your explanimation is supplied with a voice-over. Any feedback is processed. Finally, background music and supportive sounds ensure that the explanimation comes to life. Et voila, your explanimation is ready.

Why would I want to create an Explanimation?

Good question! An explanimation is much more timeless than a video. You can show everything you want without the hassle of locations, actors, light, sound, etc. Also because of the neutral character your message will appeal to more people. Additionally, you can have all the visual elements in your own corporate style, so you will have a moving business card. An explanimation helps explaining your story, service or product in a short amount of time. By doing so you can make even more effective use of both your and your client’s time. If one picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what you can tell in a whole minute.

Where are Explanimation used for?

Use your explanimation as an introduction on your website. Display your explainer video on television screens in your waiting room, exhibition stand, business meetings or for educational purposes. Send your animation to potential customers via email, social media or use it during a presentation.

Where are the Explanimates located?

Sylvia (illustrator) works in Amsterdam and Iris (animator) works in Groningen. We thus work together remotelyIris guides each project from beginning to end from Groningen, regardless of your business location. Our business address is in Groningen, in case you feel like coming over to meet us in person. Would you rather meet in your areaNo problem, we are happy to visit you!

What is the permitted length of an explanimation?

It is important that an explanimation does not take too long. Otherwise, the viewer might lose focus and as a result, your message will not come across well. The ideal length of an animation really depends however on where it is to be displayed. Between 30 and 60 seconds is a suitable length for an explanimation. The combination of image, text and sound provides the right information in a relatively short period of time.

Do we possess the rights after buying an explanimation?

Of course! Once the explanimation is completed, the right to use the animation is yours. It is important however to decide beforehand what rights you want to redeem. Will you use the animation forInternet, radio, television, etc. 

What about the audio rights?

The Explanimates only work with the best audio professionals. All music is exclusively composed for you and your needsWe also have a thorough voiceover library with several male and female voices. The sound effects and the accurate mixing of the audio is also done by usThis means that we hold the rights and don’t need to get in touch with (expensive) third parties such as Buma Stemra.

I'd rather have no audio under my explanimation, is that possible?

Of course it is! Your story can also be told using text, numbers and graphics. Audio, however, makes the explanimation come to life. An explanimation without sound loses it’s persuasive quality and much of its character.

I would like to provide my own voiceover, is that possible?

Yes you can, but we certainly do not recommend itThe voicethe pace of speech, the pitch, the sentence structure and the intonation determine greatly how the message is received. The spoken languagethe use of a male or a female voice or any dialect / accent determines the feeling of the video. Since we work with audio specialists, we can guarantee quality. If for whatever reason you prefer to provide your own voice-overplease mention this in advance.

Can I order an explanimation from abroad?

Yes, that’s possible. The Explanimates gladly come over for an appointment within Europe. We’re also very flexible with communication such as Skype, Face-Time and Lifechat. Distance is no problem for us. 

What is Full HD?

Full HD (High definititionmeans that the image contains 1920 × 1080 pixels. This is currently the most common video format and delivers a sharp image.

Which software do the Explanimates use?

We work with the latest applications of the Adobe Creative Cloud 2017Our favorites are Illustrator and After Effects.